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Appraisal of Antique Books Before Investment

Antique collection is the most precious on this time. So, always before Invesment in antiques and showpieces in order to enlarge the collections it is mandatory to take a look at market. Today same sequence I shall show the examples of antiques books. Of all antique objects books are perhaps the most difficult to appraise. You may find a trunk full of antique books in your attic but you need to know the proper value of them which only an expert can provide. There are some occasions when books are preserved with care generation after generation and they are priceless treasures of a family. From whichever sources books come, you should know one thing that books cannot be judged in the same way as we value furniture or show pieces. To those who value antique books, they are beyond any materialistic appraisal. So, there is a good deal of debate on whether old books actually need appraisal or not.

Whether books need apprising or not

Some scholars think that books never grow old and it is not proper to classify books under the category of antiques because books are timeless. The books are so highly valuable that they cannot be kept in the same line with a watch or a furniture. Book collectors or dealers do not consider books after 1850 as antiques or antiquarian. Rather rare books of 1700s or 1600s fall in the category because after 1850 those books which were printed got reprint editions and numerous copies.


Book Apprising Websites

However, you must know what are the measure-sticks on which the antique nature of books are judged. These are – a) condition of the book, b) scarcity of the printed material and c) demand of the book. If the demand of the book is high then even in the tattered condition it will get high value and if there is scarcity in getting printed text the price will automatically rise. For example, the first printed version of King James’ Bible or Thomas More’s Utopia has immense value especially for the scholars of literature of antiquity. In the websites which offer used books for sale you can search for antique books and it will not be surprising if you come across something from Caxton’s printing material. Compare the prices of several books across websites to get a fair dealing. Some popular book auctioning sites are Abe Books, Biblio, Biblio Bot, Alibris, AntiQBook, AddALL, eBay, Amazon, Google etc. For the book value database guide Faded Giant is reliable where more than fifty thousand copies are available as information. In this site you will find separate categorical head for Rare, Antique, Collectible and First Editions books. In any local antique store or bookshop you will find contacts of book appraisers if you are not satisfied with online apprasing.

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