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Does one really need an antique price guide?

Do you have a collection of old Price of antiques dumped in the trunk of your grandma? All that you could do is call for a yard sale and collect some pennies or pounds. Better you have an antique price guide that determines if some of the pieces are worth more. Certainly a yard sale would be much easier but you end up selling it at a peanut price. Not knowing the history of the antique piece will not give you a great value.

If you have a collecting antique at home and you may sometime want to sell it off, then a good antique price guide should be the first tool you should purchase. This will definitely prevent you from making some costly mistakes or paying too much for duplicates and damaged goods that aren’t worth as much as you may think. Determining the actual price before you sell it off is another good deal you would do. Getting a local appraisal to examine your pieces could help too. Homework well done will definitely pay off in the end. You should be extra careful if someone offers you a free appraisal. Also understand that an opinion is not an appraisal. Usually antique appraisers are not in the business of giving free antique appraisals.

Determining the value of antique items is indeed very difficult. Apart from the type of antique you are looking, it is also essential to know that there will be different things to look for to determine if the item is even a real treasure. There will be more factors that determine the exact value of the specific item you have. There can be cases where you could have two items, exactly same and find that one has a good value while the other is worthless. This can happen for many reasons. However to a lay man these reasons are very difficult to determine. That’s why we see so many valuables are sold for peanuts at yard sales.

The price guide is very important as the knowledge and a depth of history are extremely important when determining the value of antiques. Till you get that expert level with a qualified knowledge of the items you are analysing, you surely need the help of a good antique price guide.

Some extra effort need to be put in when you choose the Price of antiques guide. The action items go for far more than their actual value all the time. So find a guide that uses expert opinion to come up with prices and you will make smarter sale or intelligent purchase.

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