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How do they identify the actual price of the antique piece?

Usually when buying antiques, many browse on antique catalogs, generally printed one. One search on of a popular book buying website reveals that there are over 100 books on antique pricing. Curious to know about how do they really come up with those prices? You indeed need to fully read this article. There are basic 3 major aspects used to collect antique prices. We would go over intrinsic value, antique appraisers and current market price.

Intrinsic value: Vintage items are generally checked for their intrinsic value, which includes rarity and the current condition. As you know all economical trades are greatly affected by the law and supply demand, antiques item price is mostly affected by its rarity. The rarer an item, the lesser will be the supply and the more expensive it would become. But rarity is not the only factor to determine the value. Condition of the antique is also very crucial. Any cracks or dent and any other form of flaws can greatly reduce antique price and value.

Antique appraiser for the Price of antiques: There are many antique appraisers, offline and online, who determines antique pricing. It takes a good appraiser to value pricing and know if you’ve got a one-in-a-million treasure or a run-of-the-mill value. A lay man would not be able to identify as he would not know its value. Neither does he have the qualification or an expertise to determine the originality of the item.

Current market Price of antiques: The last aspect of determining the antique item pricing is the current market price. Generally current market price is found in 5 places:

  • You may find it from any site that offer auction search results
  • Guide prices can be known from shows, stores, advertisements, exhibitions, auction displays etc.
  • Prices can also gathered by surveying various dealers
  • You may also ask your friends or relatives of same interest who may have sold a similar item before


Most antiques item price guides are compiled by a combination of the above three methods listed Using a firm combination and averaging the results is the only way to get reliable information. We hope that all 3 aspects used to compile the price list of antiques guide will help you. Specifically we have talked about intrinsic value, current market rates and antique item appraisers. After reading this article, we hope that you would have more confidence on using those online and offline Price of antiques guides.

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