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How to use websites for Buying or Selling Antiques

An antique price guide website can be helpful for all including people who want to buy and those who want to sell. Whether you are a prospective buyer or a determined seller, you need to know the prices of the treasures before setting your foot in the market, so that you do not lose your money in this highly competitive field. There are options of purchasing printed guides listing prices of antiques and subscribing to online valuation services but I must say those ways are expensive. If you are an amateur collector or seller what will you do with such a high investment? Before going to buy a particular piece search for all necessary information available in the internet – its shop price, its dealership price and the bargaining price –  and know the use of free antique price guides if you want to sell anything.

Identifying the General Characteristics of the Item you are going to buy or sell:

This is the first step of making investment in antiques and show pieces. In the internet there are multiple price listed free guides for purchasing antiques but you need to know the general characteristics of the item you are going to buy or sell. First we will consider the option of buying. What type of item made of which material you want to buy? How antique is that? What is your budget and what are the available prices on that particular item. Think over these possibilities if you are a prospective buyer. And if you have anything to sell, first know your item. What is it made of – brass, silver, wood, iron or ivory? What type of product is it – a furniture, a jewellery, a clock or a stick? Remember prices of antiques also depend on its size, so you must not forget to decide and mention the approximate size of your item before searching…


Next Steps to Follow:

  • Condition of the item: If you are a seller you must honestly mention the present condition, so that a prospective buyer can get a fair dealing. Condition is the most important thing in determining price and value. If you are a buyer do not forget to check the condition, whether the item has cracks or spots, before making investment.
  • Manufacturer’s name or artist’s signature: A signature mark or a manufacturer’s name or any mark of identification increases the value of an item. You can even use a magnifying glass to make sure your item has it.

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