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Necessity of Getting Antique Appraisal

There are several sources from which you can know about the antique value of an item you have found at your attic or taken from a shop and some sources of appraisal are absolutely free. To identify your item you need to know under which category it belongs and there are a number of separate sections under the head of antiques.

  • Furniture including chair, table, bench, desk, stool, armchair etc
  • Silver made or silver plated accessories, utensils, crockery set or pens etc
  • Glass made objects such as mirror, cups and dishes, wine glasses
  • Books, magazines, journals, newspapers etc
  • Toys, dolls, show pieces
  • General antiques such as household objects, farming equipments etc

Antique Appraisal Resources to judge the Price of antiques

Get appraisal for your antiques from the free resources available :

Local Antique Dealers: You can contact local antique object dealers and auctioneers for knowing about the value of the piece of antique which you have got accidentally.

Local Appraisers: There are many persons who provide professional appraisals and who are certified appraisers.

Antique Guides from Library: In the local library or bookstore you will find guide books for antique appraisals, read them and you will get much information.

Jason’s Junk Website: It’s a social networking website for antique lovers. If you post your question and queries with pictures uploaded, other members having experience will answer your problems. You can even read posts and comments of others and gather information.

Kovel’s Website: This website is famous for providing reliable appraisals online without any cost involved.


Being Sure Before Boasting of to judge Price of antiques

Knowing about the value of your antique is very important. Once you are sure about the value of your item you can proudly display it to visitors who come to your house, use it as a rare piece of exhibit or auction it for getting high price. In the ancient society when steel was not invented, rich people used to have utensils of silver. So, finding a whole set of silver cookery items is not difficult if you have a rich ancestral background. But only after examining the hallmarks you can be sure of its antique value. Similarly, in the Glass Encyclopedia from 20th Century Glass you will know about your Grandmother’s china glass set’s value. ToyPedia is a website offering lot of information about antique toys and for printed materials visit websites concerning history of books. Among the antique products handmade things are given more importance than the machine made ones.

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