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Why Insuring Antiques is Important

Insuring antique product is necessary because if you own a valuable Price of antiques and it is lost or damaged for some unavoidable reason you can get the money against the insurance and can compensate for the loss which is otherwise not possible if you do not have insurance coverage for bad credit antique pieces and show pieces. So, if you bad credit loans possess something precious, the first step of you investment in antiques and show pieces should be insuring it in a proper scheme. Insurance value is the highest retail value of the item. And for the purpose of getting maximum amount of money against an antique the insurance company will want a written appraisal of the item and you can get your desired insurance if only they are satisfied with the appraisal.

Steps to Find an Appraiser

So, for insurance purposes you need an appraiser who is expert in his profession and free internet guides cannot help you in this regard if they do not have certified appraiser’s report. Following are the ways to find a professional appraiser:

  • Local antique dealers and auctioneers have contacts of certified appraisers and they can help you in this regard.
  • At antique shows and events you can meet them.
  • Appraisers sometimes advertise their expertise and you can then contact them.
  • iTaggit is the reliable websites where free appraisals are posted
  • In many antique review websites there are chat rooms where you can come across an appraiser.
  • In many cases, the insurance company provides names of diligent appraisers and you can talk about this with your insurance agent. Check out the blog on assurance auto for more information on insuring antiques.
  • Major auction house like Christie or Sotheby has admirable appraisers in their contact list.


Determinants of Market Value

Besides the insurance value, there are other things that determine the actual market value of your item for instance fair market value which is the mid-term value on which a buyer and seller both agree when they are not under any obligation, estate or tax value which is determined by IRS on the average of auction prices, retail price which is the tagged price in a curio shop, wholesale value meaning the 30 to 50 % less value when you get the item directly from the dealer, and finally the auction value which can rise high because it is determined in the open market. All these values are determined according to the condition of your item, it’s size and antiquity and of course it’s demand.

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